Further Success Stories 4


Mammokoane had a stroke at the tender age of 18 which affected her frontal lobe. One of the things that was affected was the right side of her body hence if she wanted to drive then she would have to use an adapted car. Mammokoane did her research and found the Driving Ambitions project which was managed through QASA. Mammokoane joined the program and in a few weeks saw her dream of freedom become a reality. She is currently working for her family and wanted to do some charity work on the weekend but was however hindered by not being able to transport herself around. She says that after acquiring her license she knows that she will have more opportunities and live a full life now and not be limited as she previously was. Mammokoane would like to say to all persons with mobility impairments that you shouldn’t limit yourself and that anything is possible when you are determined and you want to change your life. She would like to thank QASA and Des her Driver Trainer who accommodated her during her lessons and would like to say what a good instructor he is. QASA is very proud of Mammokoane’s achievements and wishes her well in all her future endeavors – buckle up and happy motoring.


QASA recently has the pleasure of interacting with Portia Mbuli who applied to be on the Driving Ambitions program. Portia is an Educator at a private school and is a person of short stature therefore she required an adapted vehicle to obtain he license. Portia says she wanted to obtain her license because she needed to buy a car, she really doesn’t like using taxi’s. She wanted the freedom of being able to drive which to her is quite amazing. Portia goes on to say that she is a person that likes to prove a point as many people thought she was crazy when she proclaimed that she is going to buy her own car and drive it. Portia says she is very happy and is still in shock that she is now a legal driver. She says that she is very proud of herself for achieving her license on the first attempt. I quote from Portia, “Dear people I can now buy a CAR”. Portia says that she encourages persons who require a hand adapted vehicle to contact QASA today. Portia says she would like to thank her mom for always supporting her. QASA for creating this program, supporting persons with disabilities and making driving POSSIBLE. To her amazing Driver Trainer, Des, she wants to thank him for the support and being patient with her. She says she was able to get her driver’s license in a short space of time due to his instructing. Portia says today she is not just a driver but a damn good driver because of her Driver Trainer. QASA is very proud of the confidence that Portia exhibits and knows her future will be bright. Safe travelling and buckle up.


Emmanuel had mobility issues in his early 30’s and was advised by a doctor to have a LP shunt which resulted in him becoming a wheelchair user. It has been a long standing dream of Emmanuel’s even before his disability to drive and finally he has achieved this dream through the Driving Ambitions program. Emmanuel says the self-awareness was the main source of his intention of getting his license. He says using public transport as a wheelchair user always felt like you irritating people when asking for assistance. Emmanuel says that now that he has achieved his license his next goal is to buy his own vehicle and be totally independent. Emmanuel would like to pass a message to all wheelchair users he says always believe in yourself and don’t listen to negative people or people who say that you can’t do something. Emmanuel would like to give thanks to the QASA  family, Caroline, Ronelle and Des for his patience and wonderful training that he  gave to him “Des…you are the best” keep  on helping other people and stay  blessed. QASA wishes Emmanuel well on his journey ahead. Happy motoring and buckle up.


Mduduzi spent three and a half years in hospital with doctors prodding and poking him at every turn. He was finally released in June 2016 and his life as a wheelchair user began. In the late part of 2017 Mduduzi decided that he would drive again hence he approached QASA for having his license converted so he will be able to drive an adapted vehicle. Mduduzi says that he decided to drive again because he did not want to give up on life because of his disability. He says that his advice to other wheelchair users is never to give up on life and there are many assistive devices which can be used to be independent and live a satisfied life. Mduduzi is ecstatic at passing the assessment for conversion of license on the first attempt. He is very excited and can’t wait to drive again. Mduduzi would like to thank QASA for managing the Driving Ambitions program and allowing him the opportunity of being trained in an adapted vehicle. He would also like to sincerely thank his Driver Trainer, Shaun for his instructions and efficient teachings which allowed him to pass his test. QASA would like to congratulate Mduduzi on this achievement and wish him well in all his future accomplishments. Safe travels and buckle up.