Further Success Stories 3


Mosibudi recently became another successful candidate on the Driving Ambitions program to achieve her goal of obtaining her license. Mosibudi is a paraplegic which means that she is unable to use her lower limbs without assistance. She says that being a wheelchair user is very challenging in its own especially when comes to public transportation. She always encounters challenges since public transporters do not have any training to assist people with disabilities in general. The best motivation to obtain her licence was to be more independent and mobile as possible, and also to encourage others that you can achieve whatever you want in life despite any type of disability and not to allow your disability to define or limit you. With this licence she would like to drive her dream vehicle which is a Land Rover Evoque SD4. Mosibudi says it might look impossible now but one day she will,  for her the sky is the limit! Mosibudi is grateful to QASA for assisting quadriplegics and paraplegics achieving their goals. Well done Mosibudi! QASA knows that one day you will be driving your dream car with your positive attitude.

Sydwell was born with a congenital defect and later was amputated in 1996. He is a bilateral amputee. Sydwell is from Limpopo and currently resides in the bustling province of Gauteng. Sydwell has achieved many accolades in the past his most memorable one being a former wheelchair tennis Paralympian. Achieving his license though has surpassed all these achievements as he feels passing his license means having acquired an extra edge on accessibility. Sydwell wishes to express that it is imperative that people with disabilities empower themselves in this unfavorable society. He says getting yourself a driver’s license is another step towards that. Sydwell will like to express his gratitude to QASA and his instructor for all the assistance in achieving his goal. QASA is very proud of your achievements and wish you well on all your future endeavors.


In October 2013, Lucky Macheu, was involved in a motor vehicle accident. In the accident Lucky fractured his spine which resulted in him becoming a quadriplegic. This unfortunate incident saw Lucky’s life take a turn for the worst. Lucky lost his job, as the company he worked for could not afford to assist him with accessible transport. Lucky says that he was determined to turn his situation around and become independent again. The first step was to obtain his driver’s license. Lucky says this license not only gives him more independence and confidence, but gives him more chances of being employable. A happy Lucky says that this will also benefit his social life as he wouldn’t have to call a private taxi to take his partner out on a date. Lucky would like to thank QASA and his driving instructor Des for motivating him in passing his driver’s test and now being able to be behind the wheel again. Lucky encourages all other paraplegics and quadriplegics to use this opportunity given by QASA to improve all quadriplegics and paraplegics quality of life. QASA wishes lucky all the best and happy motoring !


Ennie Matjane from Alexandra Township approached the Driving Ambitions programme in order for her to achieve her goal of attaining her driver’s license. Ennie required an adapted vehicle in order for her to gain her license as she has limited movement and grabbing strength in her limbs. Ennie works in Johannesburg CBD and travelling to and from work was strenuous for her. Ennie says that driving herself to work and home was essential to her and being able to access her destinations easily is her reason for striving for her license. Ennie says that she would like to thank QASA for managing the Driving Ambitions project as it assists persons with disabilities and ensures a better quality of life. Ennie would also like to extend her gratitude to her instructor Des who helped her achieve her goal. Well done Ennie! QASA hopes your story motivates other persons with disabilities to join the Driving Ambitions program.


From being extremely nervous behind the steering to confidently obtaining his license in one go that is Durban based Simon Njiyela. Simon approached QASA with the intention of getting his driver’s license. At the age of 18 Simon developed a cyst on his spinal cord which led to paraplegia hence him becoming a wheelchair user. This did not deter Simon from living a fulfilling life. He currently is fully employed at eThekwini Municipality and knew that the next step from being employed was to gain his drivers license. Simon says that the decision to start driving was to gain and claim back his freedom by being able to drive himself to work and be able to participate in other community activities. The biggest challenge as a wheelchair user he says that you have to constantly rely on someone and public transport is such a huge challenge to utilise. A very excited Simon said that he would like to thank his colleagues and QASA for providing him with the motivation and encouragement to achieve his goal. Simon however wants to thank his Driver Trainer Shaun who he says was one of the major reasons for passing his driver’s test. He says Shaun is a very good trainer and makes everything simpler and easier. QASA would like to wish Simon all the best in his future and safe travelling.


Through hard work and determination Dorcus has finally achieved her long time ambition to pass her Driver’s License. A very elated Dorcus who resides in the Gauteng area says that gaining her license will now give her independence as she will be driving herself to work. Dorcus says that she would like to thank her husband for motivating her, Des for being a patient Driver Trainer and for the support of QASA through her journey. Dorcus encourages all wheelchair users to make use of QASA’s Driving Ambitions programme as this programme gives you more independence to live your life. QASA will like to wish Dorcus well as well as happy and safe driving.


A very determined Jacqueline approached QASA with the sole intention of attaining her license which to her equaled gaining her independence. Jacqueline has a mobility impairment caused by a spinal virus – she utilizes crutches to assist her to walk. Jacqueline said she did not want to rely on anyone anymore and wanted to do things on her own. She knew that in order for her to be independent she would have to get her license so she could do everything for herself. A very resolute Jacqueline saw her dream coming true on the 14th February 2018 when she passed her license. Jacqueline says that she is still in shock but she is very excited and happy with achieving this milestone in her life. She would like to thank QASA for the financial assistance that was awarded to her for her driving lessons. Jacqueline would also like to thank the staff at QASA especially Shaun, her Driver Trainer who pushed her and ensured this success in her life. QASA is extremely proud of Jacqueline and would like to wish her well in all her future plans. Buckle up and drive safe Jacqueline.


Sidwell was involved in a motor vehicle accident in 1999 which resulted in a spinal cord injury. Sidwell determined to drive approached his Regional Office who referred him to the Driving Ambitions program.  Sydwell said he wanted to obtain his license so that he can be able to drive himself to work and also take his family which he dearly loves to various destinations. After successfully getting his license Sydwell says “It has been proven that nothing is impossible in life It is nice to go where ever you want whenever you want and being in a wheelchair does not mean it is over, you are capable of achieving when you just put yourself to it.” QASA commends Sydwell for his positive attitude and determination to achieve goals set for himself. Sydwell would like to thank his Regional Office, QAK, for pointing him in the right direction, the QASA team for being so welcoming and accommodating with the application process and lastly he would like to salute his Driver Trainer,, Shaun, for being an extremely efficient instructor and ensuring he passes his license. QASA would like to wish Sydwell all the best in his future and safe travels.