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Aiming to mobilise people with disabilities to give them new much-needed freedom.

Presently, in South Africa, public transport is not accessible for people with mobility impairments. Most wheelchair users in South Africa who do not have their own transport rendering them unemployable and not having access to skills development and job interview and work and career opportunities.

QASA has identified the need to provide a training service opportunity to develop the capacity of people with limited mobility and mobility impairment that have the agility to drive with adaptations.

QASA provides a functional driver training service to give opportunities for members to learn to drive and hopefully achieve their driver's license. This will bring them one step closer to being mobile and independent which will allow these employment opportunities, social freedom and a life changing experience to be a reality.


Thanks to Geoff Dear's amazing donation of this drive from wheelchair vehicle to Driving Ambitions, we will now be able to offer driver training in South Africa to people who have very limited upper limb function.

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Driving Ambitions, a project of the QuadPara Association of South Africa (QASA), are proud to be the beneficiary of the SAVRALA Golf Day who donated R73 000.00. This project is a driver training program for people with disabilities who need adaptation in vehicles to get their driving license and thereafter, new found freedom and mobility. This contribution will fund driving lessons for 14 Quadriplegics and Paraplegics.

The SAVRALA General Manager, Sandile Ntseoane thanked its industry members for their generosity on the day and was very pleased that both the car rental industry and its vehicle suppliers were able to give back to such a well aligned and deserving beneficiary as Driving Ambitions. Ntseoane encouraged members to continue supporting Driving Ambitions beyond the annual golf day�. He continued that the �successful Driving Ambition candidates in time will become both valuable vehicle manufacturer and car rental customers�

Picture: Ari Seirlis (QASA CEO � left)) receives a cheque of R73,000 from SAVRALA GM, Sandile Ntseoane (right)

News :: Look SAB Innovation Awards � 3rd Place winner!

The QuadPara Association of South Africa (QASA) recognised the need for mobility impaired persons with the agility to drive to achieve the ultimate goal of independence by obtaining their driving licence and so Driving Ambitions was born.

Driving Ambitions is a driver training program for people with mobility impairments to learn to drive in specially adapted vehicles with the aim of achieving their driving licence. The ultimate impact for those candidates on the program who are not already employed is to secure mainstream and meaningful employment through this new-found freedom.

QASA�s Driving Ambitions project entered the SAB Innovation Awards with the vision of expanding into more provinces. Driving Ambitions was awarded 3rd place and R350 000.00 in the SAB Innovations Awards 2014. This is a huge accomplishment for QASA and will help us impact positively on more people lives.

The current legislation in the Road Traffic Act on Fitness to Drive, and the procedures to return to driving after an accident or illness, are very vague and difficult to enforce. Driving Ambitions aims to work on a legislative level to help to clarify and simplify these procedures as well as educate the staff at licensing departments in the needs and issues around disabled drivers obtaining a license. click for more

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